Sunday, December 30

my blog is still alive!!

no, my blog is not dead!! its just im lazy to update lol.

and my last post was on 13th of nov, 2011!!
and now is already 30th of dec 2012!!
its been one year, and plus!! 

 will try my best to update posts more regular next year!! ^^ (yea right)
Happy 2013 btw ^^

Sunday, November 13

New Babies! XD

Ladies and Gentlemen *drum roll*
Introducing, my new babieSssss for 2011 year! XD

Baby #1: The Whitee Baby~ XD

now the white siblings getting bigger and bigger ^^ 

Baby #2: The Golden Baby

yeah i know its a bit of old model(too old mybe? 2009 model), 
bt since its on stock clearance sale i couldn't just let it cry at the SOGO shopping mall there right? begging someone to brought him home ~
ohh my poor little baby XD

seriously, the price is really cheap u know! 
dropped by 68% from the real price! *do ur math, original price is RM499*
noise cancelling with 5 clear audio technologies, i think even the latest Sony MP4 is still using the same audio technology isn't it?

and my comments? its @#$%^&*&^%$# NICEE!!!!
Sony sounds-engineers/developers should actually received a nobel price for developing such technologies~

me, when 1st time hearing the sound quality

Baby #3: Anak Kerbau -,- XD

and sure you guys wondering why this baby called anak kerbau right?
cause its really biggg

 its BUFFALO! moooo~!!! XD!!!!
(wait, thts not how the buffalo sounds right -,-?)

okay skip that..
apparently, due to the floods recently in Thailand, all the Hard Disk Drive(HDD) products price is getting higher..
*statement by the salesman in Lowyat*

actually i was aiming for Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB back on September2011...
but, when i get back to the same shop months later
the priced had increased by 60%!!!
i shouldn't wait for the f***ing PC EXPO
and should bought it earlier!
uwaaa T.T


this buffalo is not tht bad actually (i guess = =~)
since its made in Japan~ very rare already nowadays to find electronic products from Japan
Western Digital is made from where yah? US? nt sure~

but still, now i have MORE SPACE to put all my Korean thingy muahaha

*and yes, im addicted to Rage Comics nowadays -,-

Have A Nicee Day Everyone!!